I-90, Application to Substitute Permanent Resident Card

I-90, Application to Substitute Permanent Resident Card

Do you receive a message (PDF, 438 KB) or a text that you can file Form I-90 online to renew your Green Card from us letting you know? It should look like one of these examples in the above links if you did.

Formal communications sent by USCIS:

  • Add links that just take you straight to the USCIS end and website in.gov;
  • Result from uscis@public. Govdelivery.com when they’re electronic mails; and
  • Never ask for just about any private information.

Utilize this kind to displace or restore a Green Card.

USUALLY DO NOT distribute this form if you should be a resident that is conditional to eliminate conditions on your own Green Card. You must submit one of the following if you are a conditional resident:

  • Form I-829, Petition by Entrepreneur to get rid of Conditions, to eliminate conditions on an eco-friendly Card obtained through monetary investment in a U.S. Company.

After you file this form if you need evidence of your lawful permanent resident status while waiting to receive a replacement Green Card, we may issue you an Alien Documentation, Identification & Telecommunications (ADIT) stamp. Leggi tutto “I-90, Application to Substitute Permanent Resident Card”